The Process

Welcome to my design process. Here I will describe all of the steps involved in transforming your space into one that tells a unifying story of who you are and what you love.

Through this process, we will work together as a team to make that perfect space of your dreams a reality.


Through phone, email or in-person, we will work together to develop a list of functions (Functions List) you want the space to help you meet. We will list all the activities you want to do in this space and identify the primary and secondary goals of your space. We will also include functions such as how you want others to use your space, and include storage by listing the specific items you may want to store.

We will also record measurements for all the walls, doors, ceilings, floor boards, window widths and heights of the space, including locations of where plugs, ceiling light outlets and switches may be. I will also ask you to take photos of the space from all four angles so that we can easily refer to those throughout the design process. The measurements are then entered into a 3d modelling software to create concepts of your future space, so it is important that these are accurate.


In step 2 of the design process, I will ask you to start a Pinterest board and gather a few inspiration images to give me a better idea of the space you’ve envisioned. Your inspiration images will give me a better understanding and visual cue of what colour scheme , design style and ambience to work towards. Using your inspiration photos I will build out the colour palette, design style, furnishing and decor features of your dream space.


The first step to decorating a space is a defined concept board of your new space. This concept board is also known as a mood board and it portrays the style and colours that define how we want this space to feel.

Once we are in agreement on the concept, I move onto floor plan options. Floor planning takes place through two rounds of revisions. I will send over a draft with 2 floor plan options then have you send back your feedback – likes, dislikes, what to improve on etc. We will do this one more time over.

Once we’re happy with the chosen floor plan I will generate an itemized list of items to guide the next step in the process, sourcing. This itemized list will also identify the function the item meets in your space, the colour and texture requirements and other design features. In this step, I often encourage people to physically tape out their floor plan so they can experiment with the traffic flow and feel of the new space over a span of several days.


From there, we will move onto sourcing the decor and furnishings from your itemized list. Depending on the number items, this will be broken down into bite sized segments. Firstly, I will work on lighting, rugs and large-sized furnishings to develop the primary layer patterns, and colours. Then I will work on wall decor and accessories and the rest of the items to complete your space with the secondary and tertiary layer of colours and patterns. I will look through up to 4 vendor websites of your choice to identify 2-3 options that fit the measurement, colour, textural and budget requirements in the itemized list. I will note prices, colour options, textile durability and functionality etc.

A few things to note:

A general time line for a decor project can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2+ months. For just the floor plan alone (no sourcing) it usually takes 2-3 weeks. The more complex and intricate the decor project, the more time it will take for it to be designed. Not included within this timeline is installation of furnishings and decor as this depends stock availability and shipping time, which could take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

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