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Colour Psychology 101

Colour Psychology Guide Red Feelings:  Excitement, dramatic and emotional; passion, fire and romance Historically associated with kings and cardinals Many cultures use red to symbolize love and romance (e.g., red roses and Valentine’s Day) In China, associated with wedding gowns,…


An Interview with Carly

Since it’s almost been a year starting this blog, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. 1. What first sparked your interest in design and decorating? I think the first time I was interested in design and…


Colour Schemes

There are three basic colour schemes when it comes to working with colour in a space. A useful guide is to keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind. Successful colour schemes use dominant colours in 60% of the room, secondary colours…


Colour Tools

For those of us who may be new to the field of design or who are learning to decorate our first home for that matter, colour is such a daunting task. It’s a weighty decision. What if the colours don’t…


A Little Lobby Love // Over-sized Abstract Oil-Painting

ARTWORK DETAILS AMAZON ABSTRACT BLUE GREEN – LARGE TEXTURED STROKES OF OIL PAINT 55′ BY 78′ ($368), CANVAS FRAMED STRETCHED CANVAS SERVICES ($220) Just a little post about the oversized canvas I helped pick out for this condo lobby area for…


Monstera Deliciosa (aka Phil)

This is Phil at three months old in April 2018!   I’m learning how to propagate my ginormous Monstera Deliciosa. I got this plant in December and it has tripled in size over the last five months so I thought…


Tips for Small Spaces (Part 1)

Let’s be real and admit that living in a small space is not ideal. However, there is hope and definitely practical ways to make the most of your small space! Whether you live in a small space, currently have a…


Holiday Cheers // Our Festive Lobby Décor Project

DECOR DETAILS HOME DEPOT SET OF 3 LIGHTED DEER 210 CLEAR LIGHTS, CANADIAN TIRE PINE GARLAND 9-FT, LOBLAWS LARGE OUTDOOR HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENT The most wonderful time of the year is here! There’ll be parties for hosting… Marshmallows for toasting… And…


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