About Us

About Us

We believe that small space living should be about living a life of simplicity, effortless beauty and sophistication. Our inspiration comes from capturing that amazing feeling of being finally home. It isn’t just about living a life of simplicity, but it is about loving what we have more, appreciating moments, and elevating our mental health and well-being.

As an interior decorator, my job is to get to know you and your space and transform the way you live.  

You can learn more about me below or get in touch with me here.

About Carly

Toronto-based interior decorator, Carly Heung, is the Principal and founder of 1SmallSpace, which started in 2017 as an interior décor blog providing design tips, tutorials, inspiration and sources for creative small space living. Seeing a trend for urban living and organized interiors, her expertise in small spaces started to take shape through one-on-one consultation, e-design services, and full-installations. She has been invited to a number of Home and Renovation Shows in and around Toronto to talk about designing small spaces.

Carly has both residential and commercial design experience decorating condos, commercial businesses and town homes. Her work has been featured by Urban Barn, Umbra, Structube, Gluckstein Home, Ikea and the author of the best-selling book “Joy of Tidying”, Marie Kondo herself.

Carly is a regular contributor to many media outlets including news articles and magazines in Toronto and GTA and is known for being a modernist designer that can transform spaces into simple, effortless and sophisticated interiors.


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2019 Ambassador Scholarship Award from the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada


Our Philosophy

Our design style is underpinned by simple, light and airy interiors that give spaces and people the ability to “breathe”. Our designs include seamless and subtle elements of nature that blend into one another – clean lines with neutral tones and textures that work together to elevate our entire being. Our philosophy is driven by the goal of living our best life possible, with a home that supports our continual pursuit of greatness each and everyday.   

Logo Design Elements

Just like designing a space, the logo design process itself involves quite a number of considerations to which the colours, shape and font help to tell a story. I am grateful to Belinda Love Lee for her brand expertise in designing this logo. I hope this helps you paint a better picture of how I approach my work, and what your experience will be like working with me.

☁️Colours: The light and airy colours of white, blue and grey hues are inspired by the peaceful colours of the clouds in the sky. The colours are seamless and subtle and blend into one another. This same feeling is brought to my work by making spaces feel soft, comfortable and bringing a relief of being “finally” home. The blue is relaxing, calming and inviting, the grey is modern, subtle and sophisticated while the white helps reflect light to give spaces the ability to “breathe”. 

🙏Shape: The name “1smallspace” is actually inspired by my inner ethos towards life, which is a continual pursuit of greatness by making “1” small change at a time. The uniqueness of 1 represents taking the first step towards that life-long transformation but also represents the significant impact through one simple change in life. The 1 represents both simplicity and unity in spaces but the shape of the 1 also points to God, the source of my inspiration, energy and life.

🔤Font: The 1smallspace logo incorporates a classic typeface designed by a German font designer, Dieter Hofichter, in 2012. This font type derives its inspiration from 18th century transitional types and is a typeface that interprets formal aspects in a new and individual fashion. With a flowing outline, the font type is warm and pleasant yet still assertive. These are both qualities you will find when working with me as well.

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