Project J&C Home Week 2

Oh frigid January. It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my design adventure of decorating our new house. For new friends visiting 1 Small Space, my name is Carly Heung and I’m an interior decorator based in Toronto, Canada. This is my first family home where I will designing a space that suits my husband, my toddler Ollie and myself, and I will be tackling the main open-concept living, dining and kitchen space: a brand new builder townhome with upgraded finishes.

My design style is underpinned by simple, light and airy interiors that give spaces and people the ability to “breathe”. A key feature in my designs includes seamless and subtle elements of nature that blend into one another – clean lines with neutral tones and textures that work together to elevate our entire being. My design philosophy is driven by the goal of living our best life possible, with a home that supports our continual pursuit of greatness each and everyday. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at my Instagram feed and project portfolio to see what I’m talking about.

If you missed week 1 of my update you can go back and catch up on it here.

For today’s blog, I wanted to talk about the floor plan for the space and walk through my rationale for it. The living, dining and kitchen are all housed within an open-concept space. After seven different iterations my husband and I finally landed on what we think will work the best for our family. As you can see in my 2D floor plan drawing below we have the kitchen to back of the house and the living space with the fireplace to the front of the house.

We’ve situated the dining table with a bench and our baby’s play area in the middle. The dining table next to the kitchen makes a lot of sense in terms of food preparation and transporting the food over to the dining area. We have seating for five with an extra chair to the side next to the console. We will be using only 3 seats on a regular basis but wanted to have some extra for when we have family over (including my parents and my husband’s parents) so we decided to get an extendable dining table that can accommodate an extra 2 seats (so we would have 8 in total after it is extended). We also have a nook area between our kitchen island and dining area that we are hoping to get some custom built-ins made for storing cookbooks, serving ware and storing other items like our laptops.

Ollie’s play area includes a Montessori toy shelf as well as a soft play rug of some sort. His play area is conveniently located within eyesight from both the kitchen area as well as the living room and I think he will enjoy having a home for all his toys on his own toy shelf. He also gets lots of natural sunlight from his pay area from all the windows which will be great for him.

For the living area, we toyed with the idea of having a sectional or placing the sofa configuration so that it runs perpendicular to the fireplace as opposed to parallel with it. Neither of those configurations allowed for optimal flow as the front windows are arched and would serve very nicely as focal points for this floor. We also decided that we wanted to place the TV over the fireplace and watching it straight on as opposed to side-ways was ideal. As such, we decided that the Samsung Frame TV would work the best for our family and our space. It’s a TV when its ok and artwork when it’s off which will look stunning over the fireplace. For added seating for guests or having lounge or reading areas, we decided to place a matching pair of accent chairs framing the fireplace and will also look to get some custom floating shelves on both sides of the fireplace. To keep the space child-friendly, we will be looking for an ottoman or foot stool to use as the coffee table so that it’s soft.

So after all those decisions, here is the 3D rendering of the space which looks rather light, airy, warm and cozy.

I was very impressed with the HD rendering as well. So here is the layout we are thinking of for the space. Given all the warm tones from the wood, I think balancing it with some cooler tones in the upholstery and accent wall colours might help to balance the space. Our next steps will be sourcing the items for this space so stay tuned for that!




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