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Happy January everyone and welcome to Week 1 of 12 in my design adventure on decorating our new house. For new friends visiting 1 Small Space, my name is Carly Heung and I’m an interior decorator based in Toronto, Canada. This is my first family home where I will designing a space that suits my husband, my toddler Ollie and myself, and I will be tackling the main open-concept living, dining and kitchen space: a brand new builder townhome with upgraded finishes.

My design style is underpinned by simple, light and airy interiors that give spaces and people the ability to “breathe”. A key feature in my designs includes seamless and subtle elements of nature that blend into one another – clean lines with neutral tones and textures that work together to elevate our entire being. My design philosophy is driven by the goal of living our best life possible, with a home that supports our continual pursuit of greatness each and everyday. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at my Instagram feed and project portfolio to see what I’m talking about.

For this upcoming project, Jon and I are tackling an open-concept living, dining and kitchen space in our brand new townhouse. We’re also hoping to add in a little play space for our growing toddler Ollie in here. We have the added challenge of making this space child-friendly while maximizing function and appeal, which will be explored separately in another post. We will have to share photos of the space in the next few weeks but for now here is a quick preview video of the main floor.

So let’s get on with the first order of business in any design project: our design inspiration and direction. Jon and I both LOVE the look of Haus Love’s colonial living room space which is both modern and timeless and uses a mix of styles and textures with a wide variety of statement pieces. Historical pieces like handmade vases or sculptures paired with vintage frames helps to balance the architecture of the room to create a classic look that will outlast trends. Calming neutrals are used as the backdrop to allow other details in the space to stand out and to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Use of high-end materials such as glass in the chandelier and antique finishes in the mirror give the room a sophisticated look.


For the dining space we were very drawn to Amber Lewis’s cozy and eclectic dining space. We were in love with pairing of the the refined rustic wooden farmhouse style dining table with the cozy and comfortable upholstered bench as well as the simple and inviting colours in this space.

So after all this we’ve decided to go for a Modern Georgian style main floor design for our living, dining, kitchen and play space. As you can see in my concept board, we are using white as our backdrop and layering with other shades of neutrals and a variety of textures to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Fingers crossed that at the end of 12 weeks we will have an effortlessly sophisticated space filled with character and personality.

I will walk you through my plans and my thought process over the next few weeks.




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