An Interview with Carly

CaptureSince it’s almost been a year starting this blog, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself.

1. What first sparked your interest in design and decorating?

I think the first time I was interested in design and decorating was when I started decorating my own small space in the first condo that I purchased for myself 7 years ago. Following this I moved into a larger two-bedroom condo and after decorating this space received lots of social media features from reputable stores like Umbra, Urban Barn, Structube as well as from the best-selling author of “The Magical Art of Tidying Up”, Marie Kondo. These features encouraged me to continue down this path as a hobby decorator to become something more serious.

2. What aspect of design and decorating do you enjoy the most? Why?

I enjoy helping others fulfill their vision in a space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye but most of all in helping them achieve a space that anticipates their every need. I believe this aspect of design and decorating is one that helps me express and show the love of God who created this world has for everyone around us. The intricacies of design and the elements of nature itself are astounding and I enjoy bringing those into the interiors of people’s home.

I imagine spaces as if they were animated objects in Toy Story, each with its own personality and each having their own story to tell about their owner for which they adore and love. Together these objects sing a harmonious symphony and help tell the story of who the person is, where they have been and what it is that the person loves.

3. Describe your favourite room in your home? What makes it unique?

My favourite room in my home is the living room (Here is a photo: This is the first space I decorated because I love to host and have friends and family over to socialize with, play boardgames with, and entertain. The unique aspects of this space is the floor to ceiling windows overlooking Yonge Street on the 27th floor of a high-rise condo. I love the natural light that this space gives off and the sense of empowerment from being so high up in the sky.

4. What design blogs, magazines, websites or shows do you follow on a regular basis?

I follow apartment therapy, style at home, diyplaybook, Leclair Decor, Amanda Forest, and other organization blogs (Clean My Space, KonMarie) and furniture stores like Structube, Urban Barn, Umbra, Hudson Bay, HomeSense. I enjoy watching Property Brothers and many of the before and after reality TV shows.

5. Is there a particular design style that appeals to you strongly? What do you like about this style?

I am drawn to mid-century modern styles. I love the mix of mid-century elements through the use of natural wood legs and the different kinds of lines these items bring to a space which are different from traditional and pure modern styles. I like how mid-century can work nicely in small spaces since they tend to allow a lot of air to flow beneath the pieces.

6. What are your long-term goals with starting this blog?

My long-term goal is to be able to apply the knowledge gained through my own interior decorating business specializing in small spaces. I hope to become a small space specialist that will be able to help people all over the world decorate their small spaces through e-design services.


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